MOVEMENT is a machine performance by a collection of electromechanical devices. The performance is choreographed through a technique called metacomposition, in which the course of the movements, sounds, and projection are planned and executed by software in real-time. The installation continues operating autonomously for 3 hours, never repeating itself. At times the experience is quiet and meditative, while at other points it has an intensity that literally shakes the floor of the performance space. The audience is simultaneously presented with the raw over-engineered chaos of the electrical components, the view as seen through the frames of the magnifying glasses, an ever-changing live video projection produced by ten macroscopic video cameras, and the live sounds of the machine captured by a dozen microphones and amplified through six large loudspeakers. The performance is intended to afford the viewer a direct, tactile, physical experience of technology that contrasts with the opaque, glossy interfaces presented by the high-tech devices and systems that surround us.

2011 Installation, Machine Performance, Moving Image, Sound Photos: Noah Doely